We Buy Used Saddles
Sell Your Used Saddles

Do you have a "gently used" WESTERN saddle to sell? Show it to us. If interested, we will cut you a check today. You can contact us in ONEthe following ways:

  1. Use our Saddle Upload Form
  2. Email pictures of used saddles.
  3. Stop by and show us your saddles in person. Coolhorse is located at 6951 S. Bell Street Amarillo, TX.
  4. Call us at 1-800-749-0522

We also accept trade-ins if you would like to upgrade to something new. View all our saddles at Coolhorse.com

Click Here To Upload Your Saddle

What We Are Looking For

  • Name brand saddles
  • Maker-stamped Western saddles - Ranchers, Ropers, Barrel, Trail, etc.
  • Quality handmade saddles from Martin, Coats, Cactus, Billy Cook, Circle Y, Teskey's, Coolhorse and similar brands.
  • Real leather.

What We Can't Use

  • Saddles not in immediate usable condition - broken trees, rotted leather and other damage requiring repair before use. If we can't ride it, we can't buy it.
  • English/Australian saddles
  • Synthetic saddles

We believe a good deal is one from which both parties walk away happy. Contact us now.